What is covered?

  • Any tire that has suffered irreparable accidental damage, which by abrasion, chipping, a cut, puncture, or tear an impact, makes the tire unusable. Occurring within 6 months after the date of purchase or up to 50% wear of the tread usable life whichever comes first.
  • The tire must have been registered on the Guarantee site before being submitted for inspection.
  • The DOT must be after December 2012.
  • Purchases made after August 31, 2013.

What is not covered?

  • Tire purchased outside Canada.
  • Tire purchased from a non-authorized dealer.
  • Tire mounted on a vehicle involved in an accident and / or vandalism, fire or natural disaster.
  • Tire that was not recorded on the Guarantee site.
  • DOT which is earlier than January 2013.
  • Tire for which the customer cannot provide proof of purchase.

How to read the DOT?

The DOT indicates where and when a tire was manufactured.


In this example:
DOT - Department of Transportation
89 - Code on the plant where the tire was produced
FJ - Code size
PRDX - Optional code
2204 - Week and year of manufacture. In this case 22nd week of 2004.

What is a valid proof of purchase?

Estimates, bids and purchase orders are not accepted as proof of purchase. Invoice only is acceptable.

How to submit a tire under this guarantee?

  1. Customer records his purchase on the site
  2. Customer returns the tire to the authorized dealer with a valid proof of purchase or tire is inspected in the fleet
  3. Michelin (or FE representative) examines the tire
  4. Michelin makes the claim in Michelin adjustment system (AWC) and the user sign the discharge of property
  5. Credit is issued
    a. NAFA – to the user’s National Account
    b. LBB – to the authorized dealer where the tire was returned

Is it $ 200 per tire or purchase?

Per tire.

Is there a maximum amount of tire a user can submit?

There is no maximum.

How the user will be credited?

After review and validation (of) tire (s) damaged (s) by Michelin (provided that (s) meet (s) the pre-mentioned conditions), a $ 200 credit will be made to the dealer or directly under the user national account.

Is that replacement costs will also be reimbursed?

Service operations related to tire replacement are the responsibility of the client user as well as any damage to the vehicle.

How long before the credit is issued?

The credit will be issued approximately 2 weeks after inspection and acceptance of the tire.